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Customer Testimonials

Dear Paradise Car Wash:
We want to thank you for the excellent job you did cleaning our 2008 mini-van. We had you do “The Complete Package” and it was like new when we picked it up. We have 3 kids and it was a mess but you guys cleaned the carpet, seats, windows and everything really well.
It’s a pleasure to drive in it again.
Thank You.


Brought in my ’98 Mustang to get detailed a couple of days before my wedding. They made it look like a 2011 Mustang! I was shocked how good it looked. I fell in love with my car all over again. Definitely going back… they went the extra mile!


This place is the best! You drive in your greeted. It is clean and nice they just redid the bathroom and all the tile so it is very clean and inviting. The bird is a riot too, my kids love him! Great value too they send out text message coupons that are sometimes up to half off! My family and I love Paradise!


I am very impressed with this organization! They have great staff, clean facilities and do the job right! We had a bird dropping stain on our Pilot. The paint had etched a bit from the acid in the bird poop. We noticed it after we had gone through the wash. The manager looked at and told us to pull it into the detail bay where they buffed out the stain and now the paint looks good as new. The funny this is they didn’t even charge us! I am a customer for life! Thank you


I am so impressed with this organization. I guess when you wash as many cars as they do, you are going to have some angry customers. I was told they wash nearly a 1000000000 (that’s a million!) cars per year! I love the convenience of the locations the staff is always friendly and my kids love those birds! Keep up the great work and keep sending those text coupons they are great!


I have never had a problem with this establishment. Every time I am there I get great service and the staff is always friendly. They even do extra touch ups for me when I ask! I have been coming to this site for years and I have never had anything come up missing or broken. Give this place a shot. They will do a great job. 🙂


This place is awesome! We love the unlimited wash that we can use at any of the locations, I am in sales and having a clean car is a must. I like the fact I can go to anyone of there locations and get a professional car wash with a hand dry!


These guys are awesome. I just brought my vehicle in, and let’s just say the interior looked like it was from one of those advertisements where they dump everything on the carpet to show you how they can clean it up. When I picked up my vehicle, I was amazed, it looked brand new!!! They even humored me when I asked them to be on the lookout for my eight year olds pet rock, which they shined up as well. I will absolutely be going back.


I was just at your Apple Valley location and could not be happier! On a last minute decision, I had the basic car wash and interior vinyl detailing package done. My car hasn\’t been this clean since the day I drove it off the lot! Your employees went above and beyond what I expected and I will definitely be back and sending others your way. Thank you again for the awesome job! Very professional!

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